Monday, October 19, 2009

Emotion is the Difference

"Success is not driven by knowledge or skill, but by the emotional desire to achieve. We do not run on fuel from our head but rather fuel from our heart." - Jon Bohm
Have you ever wondered what separates the world's greatest performers from the rest?

What is the defining thing that makes someone successful? We have the tendency to answer that question in terms of skills, or knowledge, or luck, or circumstances. But, I have found it is not any of those things, those things play a role of course in the big picture, but none of those things are the defining difference.

Many studies have shown that the world's top performers usually had a sibling or several siblings that were more talented, had more knowledge, more skill, and better circumstances than they did and yet they are not the one's that became the best. Actually, you could probably think of several people you know yourself who were given opportunity, money, the education, and had the talent to do amazing things and yet have found themselves in and out of re-hab or living in the land of mediocrity somewhere.

Often, it's those who came from difficult circumstances and past hard knocks, lower skills, and less knowledge that find a way to the be the best. You can probably think of a few people you know in your industry. In case you need help thinking of some examples; Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, George Eastman, and the list goes on.

And of course, there are many world class performers that have come from very privileged backgrounds as well. But, thats my point. Their background, circumstances, skills, and knowledge is not the difference. It is the emotional drive above all else that makes the difference- every time.

Think about your life, ever tried to accomplish something that never happened, but would have changed your life had you been successful? A choice? An opportunity?

What stopped you from success? Make a list.

I'm guessing your list is full of circumstances, missing knowledge, lack of technology, lack of money, lack of time, lack of some kind of resource. Although those may be legitimate missing resources it is not why you didn't get it done. You didn't get it done because at the deepest level, you didn't want it badly enough.

You didn't have the emotional drive to get it done. That drive, that passion and emotion at the deepest level is what will get it done. You will find a way, you will be convincing enough, you will take the time, spend the money, learn the knowledge, and hone the skill.

Am I right? If you wanted it bad enough would you have done it? Be honest.

Yes, you would've. You might not know how, but you would have figured it out.

So, enough about your past let's look to the future. What do you want? What do you want to go, see, do, or become?

How bad do you want it? You better find some emotion if you want to be world class. At the end of the day it's emotion that drives you from the land of mediocrity.

Enjoy life today!

Jon Bohm